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Burlington Flood Update: October 1, 2014

Flood Disaster Relief Committee Update

Yesterday, the Burlington Community Foundation launched the application form for flood losses and damages on their website. The form includes a list of what expenses are considered eligible and those that aren’t. The link to form can be found at the top the page under the heading “Assistance for Losses and Damages Package”, This is the second phase of the claims and disbursement process and is designed to assist victims in greatest need with more extensive losses and damages, and who were either uninsured or underinsured for their building and/or contents.

Fundraising and donations continue

Fundraisers continue to take place in our community. This weekend Crosswinds Golf and Country Club are hosting the Burlington Flood Relief Nine and Dine on Sunday, October 5 at 2 pm. 100% of the proceeds are supporting the Burlington Community Foundation Flood Relief Campaign. For more information and to register contact or call 905-639-0744 ext. 226. Continue reading

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