Mayor Goldring requests input on Burlington waterfront redevelopment

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Next week, the City of Burlington is starting a study that affects the future of our waterfront and I am asking everyone in Burlington to get involved.

The Brant and Lakeshore planning study commences on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. It will consider what should be located on the property at the foot of Brant Street that is currently home to the Waterfront Hotel.

The owner of the property ­­– Burlington 2020 Lakeshore Inc. — is interested in redeveloping the site. As such, the City’s Official Plan, which is the guiding planning document for Burlington, requires the City to complete a master plan for this area.

This master plan is critically important, as this site is prime waterfront land surpassing anything found in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area in natural beauty and access.

As Mayor, I am very concerned about the impact any redevelopment could have on our waterfront.

I believe an option needs to be considered that converts this property to open space as a natural extension to the existing park for the future enjoyment of all Burlington residents.

Residents frequently tell me public space on our stunning waterfront is important to them and to our community. I agree wholeheartedly. And I believe that redevelopment of this site will not be welcomed.

Two community workshops for the Brant and Lakeshore planning study are scheduled for Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. in the Blue Water Ballroom at the Waterfront Hotel, 2020 Lakeshore Rd. Read more here.

Let me know what you think by emailing We need to have as many people in our community involved in this essential conversation about the future of this waterfront property.

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2 thoughts on “Mayor Goldring requests input on Burlington waterfront redevelopment

  1. This afternoon we attended the presentation for the “new plans” proposed for the waterfront. It was very obvious to me, and by all those who put their voices on paper hanging in the hallway, that leaving the property as park area is the smartest move for the FUTURE of Burlington’s waterfront availability and accessibility going forward. As we all know most decisions are not for the better, and very obvious about money and a need to leave a personal legacy of one’s accomplishments. With no thought by them of preserving limited prime waterfront, as waterfront, and build where there is plentiful land to do so, and visit the waterfront, they are choosing to ruin Burlington’s main asset of openness to the water. They are proposing “a token” amount of waterfront/green space, which with the multitude of 27 storey buildings in a 2 block radius, will not in anyone’s logic be sufficient What needs to be done is to apply for a loan, amortized for 25+ years, (would be great to prolong it into the next generation of Burlingtonites to help pay), and put a waterfront tax of $2.00 per person, per month, (on our approx. 160,000 Burlington’s population number), and that would take care of us purchasing the property, and let the owner “move on”!!! For the “wealthy in this City”, perhaps they have a strong feeling and vision for preserving the waterfront for the future and wouldn’t mind giving a sizeable contribution, with a tax receipt for the preservation of prestine waterfront. If we could arouse interest in this, a small monument of plaques with the contributors names would be very tasteful and would make them feel, for their next generations to come, that they would still be remembered for their worthy cause.
    Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated Mr. Mayor Goldring.

  2. We will be attending the meeting on May 24th. Our #1 concern is the traffic impact from adding another high density residential high rise building. It is our understanding that there will be another condo planned for the north east corner of Brant and Lakeshore. The continuation of large condo buildings on the waterfront will ruin the ambiance that made Burlington one of the most desirable communities to live in in Canada.

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