An open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne

Appeared in the Burlington Post, June 18, 2014 and is available online.

Congratulations on your election win. While your victory was hard fought, the real work lies ahead.

Ontario is at a critical juncture: our economy and prosperity continues to be challenged by globalization and automation resulting in job loss in many sectors. Given our size, location and historic position as Canada’s economic engine, Ontario must be a catalyst for a strong and vibrant Canadian economy. With your new majority mandate, you now have the opportunity to bring all orders of government together to address the issues that affect all of us.

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Are You Ready to Vote in the June 12 Provincial Election?

June 7, 2014

Ontario is at a critical juncture: our economic and job growth have been challenged. Because of our size and location, the reality is Ontario can be the “difference maker” in making the Canadian, if not the North American economy strong and vibrant, or merely a follower.

The June 12th election ofOntario Election 2014fers an opportunity for renewed discussion, ideas, and, far more importantly, action. We need a true leader to bring together the Federal Government, other provinces, and municipalities to resolve issues that matter to and affect real Ontarians every day. Continue reading



December 13, 2013#AskRick Google Hangout

Thank you to everyone who logged in to chat for my very first #AskRick Google Hangout this week.

It was great experience to chat with some of our city’s young people about some of the bigger issues and challenges that we face in Burlington.

This helps me frame current issues and provide input into my decision-making about the future of our community.

For those who were not able to join us, here’s a recap of our chat.

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Burlington Airport, Beachway Park, Speaking to the Province: September 2013 Progress Report


September 6, 2013

September Progress Report

September is a time of renewal and new beginnings. We have enjoyed a beautiful two months of summer weather in Burlington with lots of activities happening all over the city. I hope you have had many opportunities to get out and explore the community

Next week we start back with committee meetings, with our first Council meeting for the fall taking place on September 23. We can expect a very busy few months as we tackle some challenging items including the Burlington Airpark and the Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Master Plan. We will also be focussing on the Community Energy Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Cultural Action Plan and continuing our Official Plan Review.Imagine Burlington

Through the Mayor’s office, I am also re-launching the communication initiative: I imagine Burlington. I invite you to read more below.

Upcoming Committee Meetings

Speaking up for Burlington at the AMO Conference

Mayor Goldring and Councillor Lancaster Meeting with Minister Bradley

Meeting with the Minister of Environment, Jim Bradley at AMO, 2013

Last month I, along with Councillor Blair Lancaster, attended the annual AMO (Association of Municipalities in Ontario) Conference in Ottawa with more than 1,600 other municipal leaders.

During that conference, I met with several of our provincial ministers to discuss important Burlington issues. Meetings took place with Glen Murray, Minister of Transportation; Eric Hoskins, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment; Jim Bradley, Minister of Environment and Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs; Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy; and, Mario Sergio, Minister Responsible for Seniors.
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Speaking up for Burlington


August 23, 2013AMO Conference 2013

This past week I was in Ottawa for the annual AMO Conference with more than 1,600 other municipal leaders from across Ontario to discuss topics of mutual interest, meet with provincial ministers and opposition leaders, and to hear from some very inspiring speakers.

Last week I talked about the importance of municipal – provincial relations and that our relationship with the province is critical to deal with issues that affect our community.

Speaking up for Burlington

At the conference I met with several provincial Cabinet Ministers and leaders of the Opposition parties to discuss important issues to our community:

  • Minister of Transportation, Glen Murray to discuss transportation issues and traffic congestion in Burlington and the Greater
    Mayor Goldring and Councillor Lancaster Meeting with Minister Bradley

    Meeting with the Minister of Environment, Jim Bradley at AMO, 2013

    Toronto-Hamilton Area. The challenges of gridlock and congestion are critical to our economic prosperity and quality of life across the GTHA and traffic congestion is a major impediment to economic development in Burlington.There is no magic bullet to solve these problems.


  • Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, Eric Hoskins to bring the Minister up to date on our economic development plans for Burlington and the Prosperity Corridor. The Minister was supportive of our plans and applauds our efforts for being proactive.

    Mayor Goldring and Councillor Lancaster Meeting with Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Linda Jeffrey

    Meeting with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Linda Jeffrey at AMO, 2013

  • Minister of Environment, Jim Bradleyand Minister of Municipal Affairs,Linda Jeffrey to discuss issues of jurisdiction of airparks in local communities. The Ministers were empathetic to the city and residents’ situation, but reiterated the issues of jurisdiction of airparks by the federal government…

Continued reading for a clip of Commander Chris Hadfield’s speech at AMO…

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