Brant Street Pier Legal Update

I am very pleased to provide an update on the litigation surrounding the Brant Street Pier. Today Council unanimously approved a settlement with a net result of $2 million for the City of Burlington.

The settlement consists of $1.5 million in cash, along with a $500,000 net gain resulting from a holdback that we will no longer be obligated to pay.

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November 2012 Progress Report

November 14, 2012

One of the challenges residents have is sorting through the reports generated for Committee and Council to understand what the issues being addressed by Council are and the results of Committee and Council deliberation.

A pilot was started in October to report in a better way the activities of Council. This can be found in the Agenda and Minutes web page on the City Web site. This is an excellent way for residents to view the issues being addressed and the resulting decisions.

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How are we doing so far?

The Mayor’s Survey: Your Feedback

August 1, 2012 

This summer, I have been taking the opportunity to reach out and meet with the public the old fashioned way – by knocking on doors and simply asking what you have to say.

I have been spending a couple of hours every few days meeting with residents across the City. I have received a great response. It is wonderful to be reminded what it is that residents appreciate so much about Burlington as a great place to live. I have also set up a short survey which I am asking residents to complete and the responses are continuing to come in.

One of the key questions I have been asking is does the Strategic Plan – Vibrant neighbourhoods, Prosperity and Excellence in Government – reflect your priorities for the city? Almost 90% of the responses to-date indicate that this Vision does reflect their priorities. I have had many additional comments on other important concerns including traffic, public transit and making sure that those not as fortunate have the opportunity to fully participate in the community.

I have also been asking residents to prioritize the key areas we are addressing. This input will certainly help me as we work to balance the needs across the community.

Residents have also indicated their continued frustration with the Pier. The Pier continues to be a distraction and we all want this project finished.

I would like to thank all those people that were so kind to me on their doorstep and provided such straight forward and thoughtful comments. I will be continuing to knock on doors for the next few days and I encourage you to complete the survey available through my website.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Pier Wind Turbine Update

May 30, 2012

At last night’s Community Service Committee, Council was asked to review new information about the wind turbine that was removed from the pier project.  Council received and filed the report last night. This means that the turbine project was not reconsidered and remains out of the project scope.

Council and staff are focused on completing the pier. The wind turbine was a project initiated by Burlington Hydro in 2005. At that time, renewable energy was in its infancy relative to local projects. The project was for demonstration purposes.

Since 2006, when the pier project was originally rendered, technology and implementation of renewable energy projects has progressed. The City recently implemented a significant project at Fire Station # 8 and is continuing to look at appropriate opportunities for renewable energy use. The City has also initiated the Community Energy Program to look at long term energy sustainability and this project will include, energy conservation and renewable energy generation as part of the long term plan.

A wind turbine at the end of the pier presents some challenges. Given the option, Council has chosen to minimize any of those issues and I am sure will continue to look at viable renewable energy projects in the future.