We asked, you answered: 2015 Community Survey

Photo courtesy the Burlington Economic Development Corporation.

This column is scheduled to appear in the June 19 edition of the Burlington Post.  

The City of Burlington 2015 Community Survey asked residents about various aspects of Burlington, such as quality of life, city services and which priorities council should focus on during the next four years.

A total of 771 residents over the age of 18 were surveyed, with at least 125 interviews completed in each ward.

Quality of life

Residents continue to feel Burlington is a good place to live. Nearly all respondents, 96%, said it was at least good, with the majority of respondents, 86% saying it was either very good or excellent.

One of this year’s new open-ended questions was what residents like best about Burlington.

The top three responses were: access to amenities and services (15%), sense of community/small town feel (13%) and safe/low crime rate (11%).

City services satisfaction

When residents surveyed were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with city services the large majority – 89% – said that they were “somewhat” or “very satisfied”.

The services residents were most satisfied with were: fire protection (95%); parks and open space maintenance (90%); parks, open spaces and sports fields (90%); city arenas (88%); cemetery (88%); arts and culture (87%); and recreation programs (86%).

The survey results also identified city services they felt could be improved.

The services residents surveyed said they were least satisfied with were: winter maintenance (64%), traffic operations management (63%), building code permits and inspection (63%); parking management (60%); surface water drainage (57%); transit service (55%) and transportation network planning (52%).

Priorities for council

The survey also saw respondents rank a list of priorities on which council should focus.

The top five priorities were: community safety (76%); commitment to infrastructure (76%); healthy community (73%); sound financial practices (69%); and parks and community open, green spaces (69%).

Food for thought

We consistently hear from people they choose to live in Burlington because it is a great city with wonderful amenities and great people.

However, there is always room for improvement.

We are carefully reviewing the results with our staff and will be looking for ways to build on the valuable feedback from our residents.

I welcome your feedback on what you love about our city, and how we could do better.

The survey results are on the city’s website at www.burlington.ca/strategicplan.

March 2015 Progress Report

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2015 Budget Approved Budget 2015 banner[1]

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February 2015 Progress Report

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Working Towards a 22nd Century City

March 19, 2013

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Combined with the Regional portion and the education portion of the property tax bill, the overall property tax rate increase is 2.07 %.

This year’s budget includes:

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