April / May 2013 Progress Report

May 31, 2013

Development and Infrastructure Committee: June 17, 2013
Budget and Corporate Services Committee: June 18, 2013
Community Services Committee: June 19, 2013
Committee of the Whole: June 20, 2013
City Committee Highlights

Council Decisions
The Big Move and the City of Burlington’s Transportation Master Plan
We have a close relationship with our neighbours – we share an economy, we share a work force, and we share our transportation corridors – the challenges of congestion and gridlock effect us all. Gridlock is one of the most important issues facing us today. This is not just a Greater Toronto Hamilton Area issue, gridlock effects all of Ontario.  Traffic congestion effects our quality of life, increases the cost of moving people, goods and services, and has a significant impact on public safety, our health and the environment.

We have seen and heard metro-bannermuch in the past several weeks about this topic in conjunction with The Big Move and I have been involved in several recent events with this focus in mind. I have posted a recent blog with more information and video links. Metrolinx has just released their Investment Strategy with their recommendations on funding tools for The Big Move.

As we discuss The Big Move, we are also discussing local transportation. The City is in the process of reviewing Burlington’s Transportation Master Plan. More information is available online. Please see the article further down about a special Encore Inspire Burlington presented in conjunction with the Transportation Master Plan Review.TMP_Header
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Health and the Built Environment: Inspire Burlington hosts Dr. David Mowatt

April 26, 2013

“We often act as if the only things needed to ensure good health are knowledge and willpower, but there is a mass of evidence that where we live and how we live exert a strong influence on our health. Building cities which help rather than hinder physical activity is an example of something we can do as a society to increase our chances of leading a long and healthy life.” – Dr. David Mowat, Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region

I am pleased to host leading industry-expert, Dr. David Mowat, Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region at Inspire Burlington on May 2, 7 pm at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

This talk will relate to our Official Plan Review and building healthy, vibrant communities.  As we review our Official Plan in line with efforts at the Region and the Province, we will consider opportunities to support the creation of healthy built environments.
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Highlights from Inspire Burlington “Perverse Cities” Discussion

March 1, 2013

Inspire Burlington featuring Dr. Pamela Blais will air on TVCogeco:

  • Monday, Mar. 11, at 2 pm
  • Tuesday Mar. 12 at 3 pm. 
  • Wednesday, Mar. 13 at 1 pm

Last night Dr. Pamela Blais gave a very interesting talk about municipal finance and planning at the first Inspire Burlington event of 2013.

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