Impressive Achievements by The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee: Year One

Guest blog by Mark McGuire, Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee.

After operating for 12 months, Mayor Rick Goldring’s Millennial Advisory met in April and June to take part in a two-part workshop series at the Haber Recreation Centre.

Stephanie Venimore facilitated a two-part workshop aimed at helping the committee brainstorm ideas that could be explored to rough out a strategy for when the committee met again in September 2017.

The workshop meetings discussed the vision of the Millennial Advisory Committee, what we set out to accomplish to date, and to brainstorm concepts for our organization and operations to be enacted.



Our Record:

  • Elected by a majority. Two Co-Chairs, Mark McGuire and Chris Ritsma.
  • Hosted the Inspire Burlington: Millennial Entrepreneurial Success in April 2017.
  • Delegated to Development and Infrastructure Committee on the New Street redevelopment, focusing on cycling infrastructure in July 2016.
  • Held monthly meetings with a focus on providing relevant policy insight to Millennials to engage with the City of Burlington.
  • Began planning a Resident Survey to determine what Millennial Burlington residents are looking for in terms of Housing and Accommodations.
  • Met with Burlington’s Members of Provincial and Federal Parliament.
  • Discussed pertinent concerns for Millennials with Ontario’s Premier.
  • Represented the Millennial Advisory Committee at a City of Burlington Transit Strategy Workshop.
  • Represented the Millennial Advisory Committee at a City of Burlington Climate Change Adaptation Workshop.
  • Represented our diverse demographic of Burlington’s Millennials, residents born from 1981 to 1998.

Our Mandate:

Conduct outreach and make recommendations to help Burlington foster and retain millennial-age residents.  Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Delegating or submitting written documentation on behalf of the Millennial Advisory Committee to Burlington City Council and other Committees and Boards,
  2. Participating in engagement opportunities at the City of Burlington and creating new engagement opportunities,
  3. Organizing and participating in events that help to shape policy, and
  4. Other initiatives, as determined by the group.

Why Millennials?

According to Statistics Canada, there are more than 30,000 residents in Burlington born between 1981 to 1998, representing approximately 17 per cent of Burlington’s population. Mayor Goldring heard from a number of millennials that they want to be more engaged with their city in a meaningful way, which led to the formation of a Millennials committee.

The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee is a collective created for and run by millennials. There are 18 members on the committee, and they are inspired, passionate and enthusiastic. The committee concentrates on creating opportunities to engage millennials within their community.

Where do we go from here?                                                                           

The next meeting of the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee will be on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. The meeting will run from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the Haber Recreation Centre, 3040 Tim Dobbie Drive. All meetings are open to the public, especially millennial-aged residents. Meeting attendees are encouraged to bike, bus or walk.

Want to get involved?

To apply to be a member of the committee, please email with the following information.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Primary email address
  • City of current residence
  • Social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Profession/Student status
  • A 500-word (max.) response to the following question: What ideas do you have for Mayor Rick Goldring’s Millennial Advisory Committee that would help meet its mandate of helping Burlington foster and retain millennial-age residents?

The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee was created to develop initiatives and provide input on how to keep and attract residents aged 19 to 36 in Burlington. The Millennial Advisory Committee identifies millennials as people born from 1981 to 1998.

Why get involved?

The City of Burlington has the best reasons to get involved with any Committee or Board:

  • meet new people
  • share your talents
  • develop skills
  • address a common interest
  • make a difference in your community

Want more information?

Read the March Update from co-chairs, Chris Ritsma and Mark McGuire. You can keep up to date on the news from the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee by visiting

For more information about the committee, contact the Office of the Mayor at