February 2013 Progress Report

March 7, 2013

Council and Staff have been hard at work on the City Budget for 2013. The proposed budget was approved by Budget and Corporate Services on February 28 with a tax rate increase of 4.46%  The budget will go to City Council for final approval on March 18.

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2012 Expenses Report

March 7, 2013

Under the Municipal Act, members of Council are required to report costs and expenses under the Municipal Act, every year.

My expenses for 2012 are listed below, including travel and meeting expenses, office expenses, events and promotions.

Expense reports for all members of City Council are posted on the city’s website here.

Cost elements  ANNUAL PLAN  ACTUALS (YTD)  VAR $ (YTD)
11400  Mayor’s Expenses                            1,500               1,581.04              (81.04)
11410  Professional Development                            3,000               2,999.94                   0.06
11412  Employee Membership                               100                            –              100.00
Human Resources                            4,600               4,580.98                19.02
22025  Gasoline                            1,500               1,268.61              231.39
22220  Books, Periodicals & Subscriptions                               300                   191.93              108.07
22223  Meeting Expenses                            1,500               1,472.27                27.73
22225  Promotional Supplies                            2,500               2,114.35              385.65
22226  Special Projects                            5,250               4,989.05              260.95
22233  Printing & Reproduction                            1,200                     51.75          1,148.25
22234  Colour Copies                            1,000                   292.62              707.38
22373  Souvenirs Stores Issues                               500                   406.03                93.97
Operating/Minor Capital Equip.                         13,750             10,786.61          2,963.39
33254  Telephones-Cellular                            1,500                   994.93              505.07
33325  Travel – City Business                            1,500                   189.42          1,310.58
33454  Advertising & Promotion Activities                            4,000               2,070.67          1,929.33
33463  Claims & Awards                               200                   173.21                26.79
33473  General Entertainment                            1,000                   789.75              210.25
Purchased Services                            8,200               4,217.98          3,982.02
38017  Other Grants                            4,000                            –          4,000.00
Corp. Expenditures/Provisions                            4,000                            –          4,000.00
45705  City Facility Use                               750                   367.98              382.02
Internal Charges & Settlements                               750                   367.98              382.02
TOTAL EXPENDITURES                         31,300             19,953.55        11,346.45
100% 64% 36%
Total Expenses are 36% below Budget



Two memos for Community Services Committee February 27: Recognizing Burl-Oak Naval Veterans and Furthering Transparency

February 25, 2013

I have submitted two memos to Community Services Committee this week. Both are important, for different reasons:

1. It is my honour to support a request from the Burl-Oak Naval Veterans to Name the Promenade in Spencer Smith Park Naval Veterans Walkway. The Naval Ships Memorial monument in Spencer Smith Park is regarded as one of the 12 best war memorials in Canada, attracting visitors from across the globe. Please have a look at the memo and letter.

2. In the spirit of openness and transparency, I have brought forward a memo listing the Activities Involving the Office of the Mayor during my current term of office. Following some questions from other members of Council regarding these activities, I am providing information regarding my level of participation, the funds raised and their intended purpose.

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How are we doing so far?

The Mayor’s Survey: Your Feedback

August 1, 2012 

This summer, I have been taking the opportunity to reach out and meet with the public the old fashioned way – by knocking on doors and simply asking what you have to say.

I have been spending a couple of hours every few days meeting with residents across the City. I have received a great response. It is wonderful to be reminded what it is that residents appreciate so much about Burlington as a great place to live. I have also set up a short survey which I am asking residents to complete and the responses are continuing to come in.

One of the key questions I have been asking is does the Strategic Plan – Vibrant neighbourhoods, Prosperity and Excellence in Government – reflect your priorities for the city? Almost 90% of the responses to-date indicate that this Vision does reflect their priorities. I have had many additional comments on other important concerns including traffic, public transit and making sure that those not as fortunate have the opportunity to fully participate in the community.

I have also been asking residents to prioritize the key areas we are addressing. This input will certainly help me as we work to balance the needs across the community.

Residents have also indicated their continued frustration with the Pier. The Pier continues to be a distraction and we all want this project finished.

I would like to thank all those people that were so kind to me on their doorstep and provided such straight forward and thoughtful comments. I will be continuing to knock on doors for the next few days and I encourage you to complete the survey available through my website.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the summer.