February 2016 Progress Report

Committee and Council Meetings

Agendas, minutes and videos on standing committee and council meetings in February, as well as agendas and reports for upcoming meetings, are available online.

Council News in Brief

As a way to further engage the community in our conversation about great city-building and keep you informed of the latest news at City Hall, I am posting highlights from committee and council meetings on my blog at www.burlingtonmayor.com. Highlights will be posted within a day or two of committee and council meetings on my blog. Please check back regularly to stay up to date. Here are the latest committee and council news items in brief for February:  Continue reading

Committee News In Brief – Feb. 16 & 17, 2016


Corporate and Community Services Committee – Feb. 16, 2016

Public Art Program projects for 2016-2017

Committee approved a number of recommendations related to Public Art Program Projects for 2016-2017, including: $75,000 for the Integrated Public Art Project – Cultural Nodes; $35,000 for the Burlington Mural Program – Local Artist Development Project; and $30,000 for the Park Entrance Program – Local Artist Development Project. The total amount of $140,000 will see a total of five artworks commissioned. Funding for these projects comes from the Public Art Reserve Fund.

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