Responsible Growth at Mobility Hubs

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Mobility hubs2

The Burlington GO Station (left) and the development currently under construction on site (right).

One of the questions I get asked is where we can add more people and jobs in Burlington.

As we look to grow in a responsible and planned way, among the main areas identified in our new Strategic Plan are our mobility hubs.

Mobility hubs are transit centres that play a key role in the regional transportation system.

Burlington has four mobility hubs. They include two provincially-designated mobility hubs: Burlington GO and Downtown, as well as two city-identified mobility hubs: Aldershot GO and Appleby GO.

A significant reason we want to focus our growth at these four locations is that it allows Burlington to build smart. Adding people and jobs near GO stations, in particular, makes for easy travel within the city, region and Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

The convenience will be bolstered as Metrolinx moves to more frequent service and faster, electrified GO trains within the next eight years.

Our mobility hubs will also be areas providing enough population to support a viable city transit service.cycling on street

Of course, cycling and walkability are essential aspects of planning the design of these areas.

Creating great new neighbourhoods at mobility hubs also allows us to grow beautiful and create attractive urban areas. Buildings, streetscapes, public spaces and parks will showcase excellence in urban design, architecture and sustainability.

The City of Burlington is currently undertaking its Official Plan review. An Official Plan is a document required by the provincial government that sets the policy for the growth and development of a city for a period of 20 years.

This document is being prepared along with the city’s Transportation Plan. The city will be closely examining the relationship of land use with transportation to make efficient use of roads while ensuring Burlington is a city that moves.

City staff is starting the planning process for all four mobility hubs this fall. This will guide the evolution and growth of these areas into the future.

The City of Burlington will be connecting with residents to further develop the vision for each hub. Updates, meeting information and public feedback opportunities will be posted on the city’s new Grow Bold webpage.

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This column appears in the August 5, 2016 edition of the Burlington Post.

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