HDSB Program and Accommodation Review

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The Halton District School Board’s Program and Accommodation Review of Burlington secondary schools and the possibility of closures are understandably difficult for our community.

In a perfect world with unlimited financial resources, we would not have to see any schools closed in Burlington.

Every school in Burlington matters to its neighbourhood, its students and their families, its staff and its alumni.

As Mayor, I represent the interests of all the people of Burlington. As such, I will not choose to promote one school over another during this review process. This is a decision of the Halton District School Board, and because of that, it is important that Burlington City Council not use its influence to favour specific schools. Burlington City Council purposely chose City Manager James Ridge to serve as an objective representative of the City of Burlington on the Halton District School Board’s Program and Accommodation Review Committee.

There are residents asking me to support their school over another. I respectfully ask, just as I respect your positions on each of your schools, that you understand that my position as Mayor means I represent all of Burlington. All of our schools matter just as all of our people matter.

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3 thoughts on “HDSB Program and Accommodation Review

  1. Mr Mayor

    While I can appreciate your point of view that your position as Mayor means that you represent all of Burlington, I do not agree with your choice to not defend the people who voted you in that position.

    Knowing the facts that closing a particular school in this review will negatively impact that school’s community, the neighbourhood’s economy and the childrens’ quality of life is certainly not a situation that a Mayor should support. Your silence on the issue condones what could be a devastating decision for both the neighbourhood, and these families.

    These are stressful times for these families Mr. Mayor. They are seriously considering moving if they have to, which would end these children’s friendships because they would be torn apart. If the worst case scenario should in fact happen, to know that it was while you were Mayor would deeply sadden me, as I voted for your reelection.

    We vote for our political leaders in the hopes that they will stand forward, speak out against wrongfulness, and use their position of influence to represent the good of the people.

    Hope. We still have it.

  2. Thank you so much Rick. Thats a great statement. My kids’ school’s future is also dependent on the decision of PAR committee.

    I wish if we, all Burlington residents, can raise some money to save our schools. The last thing I’d like to see is, a school closure.

    Thanks again for your note.

  3. Thank you for your support of the HDSB Burlington SS PAR process and for providing a member of City Staff to answer any Municipal related questions from members of the PARC. Your neutrality is appreciated.

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