Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee – September Update

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Burlington MP Karina Gould speaks about the importance of engagement with the Mayor Rick Goldring’s Millennial Advisory Committee.

Guest blog by Mark McGuire and Chris Ritsma, Co-Chairs of the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee.

Mayor Rick Goldring’s Millennial Advisory Committee met on Thursday, Sept. 8 at Appleby Ice Centre. The committee met with Burlington Federal Member of Parliament Karina Gould to discuss the future for millennials within Burlington, identifying empowerment and engagement as means to positively shape the future of where we live.

MP Gould discussed the importance of meaningful engagement, which she defined as listening to issues and priorities along with building trust in the community. The aim of engagement should be to influence policies of today to better shape our lives for tomorrow, she said. Two examples she gave were the Prime Minister’s Youth Council, and Karina’s own Burlington Youth Council. Engagement with our community begins in school, where civic leaders address the youth on what the world is like, and seek to prepare them for their entrance into the market, she noted.

The importance of engagement is not limited to just creating understanding or a set of values. MP Gould addressed the need for youth and millennial engagement as a means to further the diversity of interests in our political system to best serve citizens. Millennials are usually considered people who reached adulthood in the New Millennium, presently aged 18-35. Millennials are an optimistic and busy generation creating a brave new world with their ideas on green cities, the third industrial revolution, and intensification.


Mayor Rick Goldring shares his ideas for the future of Burlington with his Millennial Advisory Committee.


After the presentation and discussion, the Millennial Advisory Committee broke out into project oriented groups, with the Communications subcommittee focusing on what message millennials in Burlington should send to increase political engagement. Immediate action goals focusing on public events, such as Mayor Goldring’s Inspire Burlington series, and media plans were presented.

The committee discussed engagement practices to foster millennial influence in the community through events, traditional media, and social media. Present open engagement can be followed on Instagram and Twitter by searching #burlennials.

The next meeting is on Thursday, Oct. 13 at Burlington City Hall, 426 Brant Street, in room 305. The October meeting will be an action oriented meeting, prioritizing and executing the Millennial Advisory Committee’s work plan short term goals. Guests are asked to RSVP to Tina Depko-Denver in the Mayor’s Office at

Read the August update by committee’s co-chairs, Chris Ritsma and Mark McGuire. You can keep up to date on news from the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee by visiting

The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee was created to develop initiatives and provide input on how to keep and attract residents aged 18 to 35 in Burlington. It will also concentrate on creating opportunities to engage millennials with their community. All meetings are open to the public, especially millennial-aged residents. Meeting attendees are encouraged to bike, bus or walk.

For more information about the committee, contact the Office of the Mayor at

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