Council Supports Ending The New St. Road Diet

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At the Committee of the Whole Meeting last night (November 27, 2017), council supported the Transportation Staff recommendation to convert the existing New Street Road Diet pilot project to the original four-lane section that was in existence before August 2016.  The conversion will take place in the early spring of 2018.

I was initially very lukewarm to this project as it was my expectation there would be significant opposition because of concerns about extended driving times and criticisms of low cycling activity.

As it turned out, I heard the opposition to this pilot project loud and clear in the very early stages. I remember working out at the Burlington YMCA the morning after the decision and boy, did I get an earful!

The full recommendation that was approved last night includes a direction for the staff to include cycle tracks on New Street between Guelph Line and Burloak for consideration in the 2019-2028 capital budget and forecast, along with pursuing a senior level of government funding.

This design option will maintain a four-lane road platform and implement an integrated and connected network of physically separated bike lanes which is my preference. This concept will not slow down traffic and will encourage many people to cycle due to the higher level of safety that cycle tracks provide.

We are in the process of developing a detailed cycling plan for the city that will be complete by spring of 2018 that will focus on the development of a city-wide integrated and connected network of cycling infrastructure. New Street Cycle Tracks will be part of that.I believe that a decision to locate bicycle lanes anywhere in the city needs to implement an overall planned network.

On another point that is related to cycling, I’ve also heard from many residents about the lack of connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists over the QEW.  As a result, I am asking for council support at the Capital Budget Meeting on Friday (December 1) to provide funding for a preparatory work to occur to assure that we are ready to build an Active Transportation Bridge over the QEW when the senior level of government funding becomes available.

I am a supporter of cycling infrastructure that will ensure cyclist safety, form an efficient and well-designed network while recognizing the associated impact on residents’ use of their vehicles.

I want to thank everyone who connected with me about the New Street Road diet. We heard all of you!

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7 thoughts on “Council Supports Ending The New St. Road Diet

  1. What a terrible waste of our hard-earned taxpayer’s money. Next time you want to experiment with our transportation routes maybe you should put it to your citizens for a vote. As I live in South Burlington I consistently travel on New Street and can honestly say that since the “Road Diet” was put into effect I have only seen about 3 bicyclists in the special lane (that’s for the entire year). I have seen more on the sidewalk than on the road! All this change did was to create traffic jams. Also, this is Canada and how many residents do you think actually bicycle five months in the winter. Quit changing our city for a few of the people and start looking at the bigger picture and where has all of the common-sense gone?

  2. So we are left with over 200 thousand dollars on a failed experiment – plus a delay caused by the Road Diet to repave New Street until 2020 or 2021 at an additional cost of over 500 thousand dollars – on a street – NEW STREET – the CAA noted as the 3rd Worst Road in South Western Ontario – I would not be so concerned if my tax money was actually not involved in this

  3. I also would like to say I am sad to see the bike lanes go. I expected New St traffic to be a lot worse in that area and it surprisingly has been consistent and not a lot of difficulty to navigate at all, even in rush hour.

    The more the city can do to encourage cycling the better. I hope that you are successful in working more cycling lanes into future budgets.

    • Andrew, not sure if you are a newcomer to Burlington, but there is a bike path that runs parallel to New St. and that’s why people are so mad that the City used Taxpayers money to put in 2 more bike lines. And that’s not the only bike path in Burlington. If you look at a map of Burlington, you’ll find where all those other paths are. And excuse me for saying so, but you look too young to drive, and therefore have no experience in rush-hour driving. I can asure you New St. is a huge problem in rush-hour.

      But the most important point ld like to make is, if people use the bike paths that leads away from traffic and take the scenic route, it’s 100 x safer AND MUCH LESS POLLUTION AND EXHAUST FUMES!! l would rather my children stay far away from traffic and not breathe in any harmful exhaust fumes. I love my children and want them to be as safe as possible.

  4. “The truth about our city’s aspirations isn’t found in its vision. It’s found in its budget. ”

    Strongly support your motion to include funding for design of an active transportation bridge over the QEW in the 2018 Capital Budget. This was one of the key recommendations of the Cycling Advisory Committee in our last Annual Report and I am very pleased to see the Mayor championing this important initiative.

    Thank you,

  5. I am sorry to see these bike lanes go. We need to encourage alternative transportation methods. I do hope that all of the planned improvements come to fruition as we should be supporting a cycling culture rather than putting obstacles in the way.

  6. THANK GOD THAT NIGHTMARE IS OVER!! Burlington needs more lanes for cars trucks etc. With the hundreds of new houses, condos, etc traffic in Burlington is A HUGE HEADACHE!!
    You need to get the roads up to speed with all the new residents…and there are more homes being built.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep this in mind, before you build any more homes in Burlington.
    I would love to see the North Service Rd. have 2 lanes in each direction or at least add a right turning lane at major intersections. Anything that helps the traffic flow better through OUR GREAT CITY!!

    Thank you for your time,
    Caroline Paul

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