Council News In Brief – April 11, 2016

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Burlington’s Strategic Plan 2015-2040

Council approved the 2015-2040 Strategic Plan. This strategic plan is fundamentally different than past plans in the content, time horizon covered and how the plan was created. It takes on the challenging issues of today and tomorrow, seizes current and future opportunities, and helps Burlington prepare for the next 25 years. The plan is also a framework for critical decision making and considers how the city manages resources. As a result of extensive community engagement, more than 180 changes were made to the draft that went to the community in December 2015/January 2016, including changes as a result of delegations at the March 21 Community and Corporate Services Committee meeting. Read the plan here:

Gender neutral washrooms in city facilities

Three staff directions on gender neutral washrooms in city facilities were approved by council. These directions ask staff to: change signage on existing and future family washrooms in City of Burlington facilities for Family/All Gender use to “Washrooms for Everyone”; include “Washrooms for Everyone” in the planning of facility renewals and send information about the changes on “Washrooms for Everyone” to all city boards and joint venture partners for their information and future consideration. The changes affect single-stall washrooms.

Pilot for private tree by-law in Roseland

Council supported Mayor Rick Goldring’s direction asking staff to investigate the implementation of a pilot private tree by-law for the Roseland neighbourhood, with a review of options including, but not limited to: length of time for pilot project, extent of regulations, budget and staffing requirements, and measures to evaluate success, and to include community consultation. Staff has been asked to report back to the Development and Infrastructure Committee on June 21, 2016.

2016 Emerald Ash Borer action plan

Council approved a direction to implement the 2016 Emerald Ash Borer Action Plan. The emerald ash borer (EAB) continues to impact Burlington’s ash tree population, which comprises approximately ten percent of the city’s urban forest. The key activities include treating city owned ash trees with a diameter of 20 cm or greater and removing trees that are dead or dying as a result of EAB. The city’s active management approach is a proactive strategy aimed at preserving ash trees along streets and within parks.

Joseph Brant Museum Transformation Project

Funding of $430,000 for detailed design work for the Joseph Brant Museum Transformation Project was approved by council. The money will come from the Joseph Brant Museum Transformation Project Reserve Fund, which is money raised by the museum’s foundation held in a city account. Joseph Brant Museum is a replica of the original homestead of Joseph Brant (1742-1807).The current facility was built in 1937-38.

Bike Lanes on New Street

At council’s request, city staff presented three options for improved bike lanes on New Street from Martha Street to Cumberland Avenue as part of planned roadwork at the Development and Infrastructure Committee on March 22. Committee did not choose an option. The information report was received and filed, meaning no decision was made.  A report is coming to the April 19 Development and Infrastructure Committee that includes a direction for committee’s consideration asking staff to conduct a more wholesome review, including city-wide public consultation, of cycling infrastructure options for New Street from Guelph Line to Burloak Drive, and report back on the results and recommendations at the July 12, 2016 Development and Infrastructure Committee meeting.

1510 North Service Road

Council approved a minor rezoning application to permit a restaurant at 1510 North Service Road, following a public meeting. The existing use of the site is a commercial plaza housing a furniture store and a carpet store. The restaurant will be up to 560 m2 in the existing building, plus an outdoor patio. City staff state the proposed zoning amendment is minor in nature and maintains the intent of the Zoning By-law and Official Plan.

Burlington Council News in Brief is provided as a way to keep the community informed of highlights of committee and council meetings of Burlington City Council. The City Clerk’s department provides the complete documentation of meetings, including minutes and webcasts.

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