It’s your City Budget. What are your priorities for 2013?

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February 15, 2013

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Burlington is only a Portion of the Property Tax Bill
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February and March are budget months at the City of Burlington. Staff and Council are working on the budget for this year. There are 2 pieces of the City Budget:

  • Capital Budget: funding for capital projects in the city including funding for roads, stormwater projects and buildings
  • Operating Budget: the regular costs of operations of the city for the year. This is where we spend the most time discussing at City Council. The Operating Budget costs are what determine potential tax rate increases

The 2013 Budget process is challenging for a number of reasons:

  • it will cost approximately 3% tax rate increase to maintain the city
  • 1% tax rate increase to contribute to the hospital levy for the City’s contribution for the redevelopment of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital
  • requests for additional funding for Burlington Transit and the Fire Department
  • requests for additional funding from the Burlington Economic Development Corporation, the Burlington Public Library and the Burlington Art Centre

City Council will review each of these requests through February and March and we would like your input.

I encourage you to learn more about this year’s budget proposals and the budget process. Visit the City’s Budget website for information and watch a video presentation on the 2013 budget here.

A January, 2013 Budget and Corporate Services Report also provides an overview of the Operating Budget proposed for 2013. This may be helpful for you to review here.

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What does a Taxpayer Receive for their Taxes?
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There are many ways to share your feedback on this year’s budget:

  • leave a comment here, on my blog
  • contact my office or send me an email to
  • contact your Ward Councillor
  • Complete the Budget Survey

The Budget will come to City Council on March 18 for final approval.
City Council wants to hear from you. Please share your feedback on this very important issue for the City of Burlington.

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2 thoughts on “It’s your City Budget. What are your priorities for 2013?

  1. Mayor Goldring,
    As I had previously read on the BFAST webiste (Burlington For Accessible, Sustainable Transit), you had a call to have a National Transit Strategy. This means you believe so strongly on the role Burlington Transit plays in our city. Clearly, many of your councillors believe that it shouldn’t receive a single penny more then what it current receives. It maeans that they see gridlock increasing even if they still feel that Burlington “will never change”. Reality is right in fron tof their faces and yet, they’re still blind.
    Not to be rude, but give Burlington Transit the need to do to maximize on continuing its upward trend on transit ridership. More buses (for spare ratio), for expansion and ease the need on cars on the basis of air pollution that cars are making.
    Take a stand against Council Mr. Mayor and do so by advocating that Burlington Transit needs its funding and much, much more evne in the capital budget for the 10-year forecast period, too.
    I hope you can take my comments and concerns to council to let them know that transit is a must and needs to be given a much more stronger role in our city. Part of it is to restore the Northeast Burlington’s route coverage of Routes 11, 12 and 15 back to half-hour midday and Saturday services to help keep that area of the city growing with the growth of transit ridership! It will and already is part of the big picture to strengthen transit overall in this city.

    Nicholas Civiero
    Regular Burlington Transit user

    • Nick,
      Thanks for your comments.

      This week as part of the budget process on Thursday Feb. 28, council will be considering increasing Burlington Transit service by:

      1. Introducing all-day weekday service on the Route 101 Express Route on Plains and Fairview between Burlington and Hamilton.
      2. Adding a community bus service targeting seniors that would operate two days a week between 9am and 3pm.
      3. Introduction of Sunday Service and extension of Saturday service to 10 pm on Walkers Line and the Orchard and Alton Areas
      4. A new route is proposed to provide transit service to the employment areas bounded by Appleby, Burloak, Harvester and Mainway.

      Council will also be considering a staff recommendation to plan for the purchase of 12 – 8 metre cutaway buses and 2 MV-1 buses.

      For further information, please check out two staff reports by accessing these pages on the City’s website (sorry the links won’t paste here)

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