Honouring our Korean War Veterans

Korean naval monumentEarlier this week I attended a dedication of the Royal Canadian Naval Ships in Korea Memorial Monument.

Many residents are very familiar with the Naval Memorial Monument in Spencer Smith Park which was unveiled in May of 1995 with thousands of veterans and supporters in attendance. This significant monument is a cenotaph that honors the memory of the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Merchant Marine seamen and their ships that were lost during World War II. This monument is a special addition to Spencer Smith Park that attracts residents and visitors, a place to stop and reflect on our naval history and to those who fought for freedom. Continue reading

Communication Protocols during Election Period for 2014

Municipal Election 2014, BurlingtonA number of communications-related changes take place as a result of the 2014 Municipal Election, beginning on July 1. These changes are governed by municipal regulations and apply to all members of Council.

My webpage on the City of Burlington site will change beginning July 1 and will no longer include links to any of my social media accounts or my blog.

This blog and social media accounts are still active and I will continue to monitor and use these channels to communicate city information to the community.

You will still find Rick Goldring on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and Google+.

Please stay connected with me in whichever manner you choose.

Brant Street Pier Legal Update

I am very pleased to provide an update on the litigation surrounding the Brant Street Pier. Today Council unanimously approved a settlement with a net result of $2 million for the City of Burlington.

The settlement consists of $1.5 million in cash, along with a $500,000 net gain resulting from a holdback that we will no longer be obligated to pay.

Continue reading

An open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne

Appeared in the Burlington Post, June 18, 2014 and is available online.

Congratulations on your election win. While your victory was hard fought, the real work lies ahead.

Ontario is at a critical juncture: our economy and prosperity continues to be challenged by globalization and automation resulting in job loss in many sectors. Given our size, location and historic position as Canada’s economic engine, Ontario must be a catalyst for a strong and vibrant Canadian economy. With your new majority mandate, you now have the opportunity to bring all orders of government together to address the issues that affect all of us.

I believe there are five issues that are vital to inspiring progress and change. Continue reading

Celebrating our Friendship with Itabashi, Japan

The Gift of Friendship25th Anniversary Celebration

On June 12, a delegation from Itabashi, Japan, will be arriving in Burlington to join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the twinning of our two cities. The twinning agreement was signed to “foster mutual understanding in such areas as culture, education, politics, history, recreation, sport, business, industry and service.” Building stronger links and understanding different cultures supports the vision of a world community and contributes to our international understanding.

Our twinning relationship has helped shape our city as we have enjoyed official delegation exchanges, cultural exchanges, gift exchanges, and enjoyed each other’s festivals and events. Just recently a delegation from Burlington visited Itabashi. During the visit, they gained a deeper appreciation of the rich culture of our twin city Itabashi and enjoyed the vibrancy of their culture, history, heritage and traditions. Continue reading