Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee Update – May 2016

Guest blog by Mark McGuire and Chris Ritsma, Co-Chairs of the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee.

Mayor Goldring speaks with the Mayor's Millennial Advisory Committee at the May meeting.

Mayor Goldring speaks with the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee at the May meeting.


Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring’s Millennial Advisory Committee met once again on the second Thursday of the month, May 12th, to begin organizing the ideas of the group into a yearlong work plan.

The committee’s work plan addresses how the committee seeks to meet their mandate through co-creating critical success factors, how subcommittees should feed into the main millennial advisory committee, and identifying partners within the Burlington community to best engage millennials.

The mandate of the Millennial Advisory Committee was set out by Mayor Rick Goldring as developing initiatives focused on keeping and attracting millennial residents aged 18 to 35 in Burlington by concentrating on creating opportunities to engage millennials within the Burlington community. Continue reading

Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee Update – April 2016

Members of the Mayor's Millennial Advisory Committee discuss the group's priorities at its first meeting on April 14, 2016.

Members of the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee discuss the group’s priorities at its first meeting on April 14, 2016.

Guest blog by Mark McGuire and Chris Ritsma, Co-Chairs of the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee.

Mayor Rick Goldring met for the first time with a selection of 18 Millennials aged 18 to 35 who live or work in Burlington. The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee is a new project in Burlington to engage with the demographic that represents 17% of the city’s population. Each month the committee will meet on the second Thursday at a cultural hub in Burlington to concentrate on the creation of opportunities to engage, attract and retain millennials in the city.

The meeting was held to develop topics for a year long work plan for the committee and to allow committee members to meet each other and discuss what they feel is important to Burlington for millennials.

Members spoke briefly about why they had an interest in being a part of the committee, which was fresh in their minds from the application they submitted to Mayor Rick Goldring. Committee members explained their personal relationship with the city of Burlington in regards to work and living. Some had been in Burlington a shorter period, while others had lived here their entire lives, giving insight into what causes certain millennials to stay, and others to come to Burlington. Continue reading

Showcasing Burlington for the Pan Am Games Torch Relay

Innovate Burlington is a not-for-profit marketing consultancy dedicated to supporting the growth of local businesses. Combining the fresh thinking of recent graduates with the guidance of expert mentors, Innovate Burlington partners with companies to deliver new ideas and insights that have a lasting impact on their strategy and marketing. Learn more on their website.

Innovate Burlington is working with the upcoming Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games organizing committee on engagement and community support for their Torch Relay.

I am pleased to share with you a guest blog by Kevin Degruijter, Sales and Marketing Coordinator with Innovate Burlington.

Viva PanAm BurlingtonThe Pan Am Games, the world’s 3rd largest international multi-sport games, are coming to Toronto in 2015! Close to 7,000 athletes from 41 nations will be participating in the 36 Pan Am and 15 Parapan Am sports (List here). The games may be a year and a half away, but like the athletes, that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting prepared now!

With close access to competition venues in Hamilton (soccer), Milton (cycling) and Toronto (multiple sports), Burlington residents have a great opportunity to become involved and witness the games first hand!

In advance of the games, the Torch Relay will make its way through the Burlington. We want to know your ideas for how to make this the best possible showcase of Burlington! To accomplish this, we are hosting a Twitter Party on Tuesday, November 19th from 8-9pm.  Here are the questions we will be asking you:

  • What do you love about Burlington?
  • Where’s your favourite place to go in your town?
  • Who is your local sports/Olympic hero?
  • What’s your favourite picture of Burlington? Share it with us for a chance to win a special prize!
  • What Burlington community event do you always look forward to?
  • What’s your favourite Pan Am sport?

A Twitter Party is an online discussion designed to inform and engage with people on a particular issue. We hope to start the conversation with local residents early to make sure their voices are heard and become an integral part of the Torch Relay planning process.

The official hashtag for the event is #YourPanAm, signifying the opportunity to truly make the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games your own.

To participate, all you need is a Twitter account and to follow us @InnovateBurl so you can tweet with us (using the hashtag #YourPanAm) on the night of the 19th.  It’s that easy!

For more information and to register for the chance to win a Pan Am Games prize pack, visit our Twitter Party invite page:

If you’d like more information on getting involved with the games, click here.

We hope to hear from you on the 19th!

Burlington Vital Signs: what do you see in your community?


October 3, 2013

The Burlington Community Foundation’s Vital Signs, 2013

The Burlington Community Foundation is an important community partner. Although not part of or funded by the City, BCF works with all of us—the city and many organizations—to build community vitality. 

This week, BCF released the second edition of Burlington’s Vital Signs – an annual check-up that evaluates Burlington as a place to live, work, and play by identifying trends that are critical to our quality of life. The Vital Signs report offers information that all of us should consider and provides some startling statistics as well as some that we can truly celebrate. Vital Signs, Burlington

The strong research base for the report gives us all confidence in the statistics, and BCF’s investment and care in providing this information for us is valued by Council and City staff.

I am pleased to share with you a guest blog by Colleen Mulholland, President and CEO of The Burlington Community Foundation on the findings in Burlington’s Vital Signs 2013 and encourage you to visit the BCF website to see the report in its entirety.


Burlington Community Foundation’s Vital Signs, 2013

By Colleen Mulholland, President & CEO, Burlington Community Foundation

Burlington Vital Signs Highlights

Colleen Mulholland, Vital Signs

Read more about the Vital Signs report from the Burlington Post

We live in one of the best cities in Canada … but, as the 2nd edition of our Vital Signs report highlights, Burlington is a city of contrasts.

We are a prosperous community with our median household income levels 24% higher than the Ontario average; we have an extremely educated labour pool, amazing cultural opportunities, and remarkable environmental features like our escarpment and waterfront. Yet, there are people struggling in our community in ways that are often unseen, as we drive and walk through our neighbourhoods.
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The Art of Living as a Senior in Burlington

June 21, 2013

June is Senior’ Senior Mayor 1s Month in Ontario, a time to celebrate our seniors and the many ways that they contribute in our community. This year’s theme is “The Art of Living” – to celebrate how seniors have created their own unique approach to living.

Seniors are a very important and significant part of our community. Burlington is an aging city. Between 2006 and 2011 our population increased by 6.9%, while the  percentage of people over 65 increased by 17.2 %  In the next 20 years,  the percentage of residents over age 65 is expected to double. We currently have approximately 8,700 residents over the age of 80 and that number expected to quadruple in the next 20 years.

Our Seniors are valuable assets: as mentors and teachers, community leaders, as caregivers and as volunteers.
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