New Street Bike Lanes Study

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss with you the rationale for the initiation of the New Street Bike Lanes’ Study that was recently supported by Council.

Why should we consider designated bike lanes on New Street?

Since the City of Burlington declared itself as a Sustainable Development Community in 1990, we have invested in creating vibrant neighborhoods. To be truly vibrant, neighbourhoods should be designed to encourage active lifestyles, including walking and cycling. These areas are often favoured places to live because of lower pollution levels, less traffic congestion, more parks and public spaces, improved opportunities for social interaction, and an abundance of healthy lifestyle choices. Continue reading

Brant Street Pier Legal Update

I am very pleased to provide an update on the litigation surrounding the Brant Street Pier. Today Council unanimously approved a settlement with a net result of $2 million for the City of Burlington.

The settlement consists of $1.5 million in cash, along with a $500,000 net gain resulting from a holdback that we will no longer be obligated to pay.

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Celebrating our 25th Anniversary with Itabashi

This past weekend it was my honour and a great pleasure to welcome a delegation from Itabashi, Japan, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our twinning relationship. The delegation included Mayor Takeshi Sakamoto, Chairman Yoshiyuki Shigeno and several government officials, and a cultural delegation.

Itabashi Delegation at City HallThis visit was the second part of our 25th anniversary celebration. In May, Councillor Blair Lancaster led a Burlington delegation to Itabashi. They have shared wonderful stories about their Itabashi visit, having experienced the vibrancy of the Japanese culture, history, heritage and traditions. A number of local citizens also attended and developed their own friendships with Itabashi residents.

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Celebrating our Friendship with Itabashi, Japan

The Gift of Friendship25th Anniversary Celebration

On June 12, a delegation from Itabashi, Japan, will be arriving in Burlington to join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the twinning of our two cities. The twinning agreement was signed to “foster mutual understanding in such areas as culture, education, politics, history, recreation, sport, business, industry and service.” Building stronger links and understanding different cultures supports the vision of a world community and contributes to our international understanding.

Our twinning relationship has helped shape our city as we have enjoyed official delegation exchanges, cultural exchanges, gift exchanges, and enjoyed each other’s festivals and events. Just recently a delegation from Burlington visited Itabashi. During the visit, they gained a deeper appreciation of the rich culture of our twin city Itabashi and enjoyed the vibrancy of their culture, history, heritage and traditions. Continue reading