Burlington Day at Queen’s Park


April 9, 2014

Burlington Day at Queen’s ParkBurlington Queen's Park

On Tuesday, April 8, a delegation from Burlington held its first Queen’s Park day with members of the Ontario Legislature. The delegation included most of our City Councilors, senior staff, and we were also joined at the end of the day by members of Team Burlington, Burlington Hydro, Joseph Brant Hospital, McMaster University as well as  Chair Gary Carr and Jane MacCaskill from Halton Region.

The purpose of this initiative was to have a deeper conversation with many of our colleagues at the Province of Ontario about how we can work together strategically for a sustainable, economically prosperous future for Burlington and a stronger Ontario. It has always been my belief and practice that working collectively we can achieve more with all levels and members of government. As a result we were truly pleased with the reception we received by members of all parties in the Legislature.
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Burlington Sunshine List Reduced from 2013


April 3, 2014

Every year in Ontario, government employees and public sector agencies provide a list of all employees earning more than $100,000 per year in salary and taxable benefits through the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act.

In Burlington, the so-called “Sunshine List” for 2013 includes 105 past and present city employees and one elected official, being myself as the Mayor. This is a reduction of 11  compared to 2012 which had 116 employees on the list.

For 2013 as Mayor, I was paid $168,156 + $2,152 in taxable benefits.

In the interest of transparency, I will also note that the role of Mayor of Burlington is also compensated for service on the Board for Burlington Hydro. In 2013 this was $11,500. However, last year a citizen’s committee reviewed Council compensation, expenses and staffing and made a recommendation that the Mayor should not receive compensation to sit on the Burlington Hydro Board, starting with the next term of Council. Council has ratified this recommendation.

Here is a link to the full list: Disclosure for 2013 under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996

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Share your Insight, Burlington


February 5, 2014

 Insight Burlington

Insight Burlington

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For Council and staff, it is often challenging to gather feedback from a large segment of the population using the standard engagement tools such as telephone surveys.

Last year we approved our Engagement Charter that describes many commitments including openness and access to information and says “The City of Burlington will provide a variety of ways for citizens, city staff and members of City Council to access and share information and discuss ideas and options.”
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Burlington Brant Street Pier Legal Update


January 30, 2014

Burlington Brant Street Pier Legal Update

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On Monday, January 27, City Council received an update on the legal status of the Brant Street Pier litigation and decided that now was an appropriate time to provide an update to the community on this issue.

Today (Thursday, January 30), the City Manager held a press conference to provide an update on the legal fees and status of the City of Burlington’s ongoing litigation regarding the Brant Street Pier.

City Council has continually expressed a commitment to transparency on this issue, and to provide information when it is appropriate to do so.
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