State of the City Address 2015


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How do we define Burlington?

What words can we use to describe the place where we live, the place where we work, and the place where we raise our children?

As Canadians, we often define ourselves by what we are not.

In our case, we are not Toronto. We are not Hamilton. We are not Oakville.

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Mayor Rick Goldring, Inaugural Address 2014

Inaugural Meeting 2014-2Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre for the inaugural meeting of the 2014-2018 Burlington City Council.

At this time, I would like to acknowledge some of the special guests that are with us this evening.

  • Burlington MPP – Eleanor McMahon
  • Halton Region CAO – Jane MacCaskill
  • Interim City Manager – Pat Moyle
  • General Manager of Development and Infrastructure – Scott Stewart
  • The Senior Management Team of the City of Burlington

I also want to acknowledge and thank:

  • Hayley Verrall for her great rendition of O Canada
  • The Venerable Dr. Steve Hopkins from St. Christopher’s Church for doing the invocation
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Dale Fitzpatrick for commissioning the declarations of office
  • The Burlington Concert Band’s Saxophone Ensemble – Sax’nSyn
  • Rob Bennett and the World Renowned Burlington Teen Tour Band
  • Special Keynote Speaker – “Dr.” Ron Foxcroft
  • Staff of the Clerk’s Office and Mayor’s Office for organizing the inaugural meeting tonight.

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Helping Build a Stronger Community – Habitat Halton


April 16, 2014

Appeared in the Burlington Post, April 16, 2014

Habitat Halton

You may have read the front Habitat Halton April 2014page story of a recent Burlington Post edition entitled “Habitat Halton hands over keys to 19th, 20th homeowners”.  That article covered an event I attended that was deeply moving and humbling as I watched the longtime dreams of two families become fulfilled, thanks to the efforts of this organization and countless volunteers.

Unfortunately, too many families find this dream elusive. Continue reading

Maintaining Our Best Mid-Size City Status


February 13, 2014

Appeared in the Burlington Post, Feb. 12, 2014

It is that time of the year: winter stubbornly takes its firm, but final grip before giving rise to spring; we begin to collect and organize documents for our personal tax returns; and budget season is here. February may be short on days, but it is a landmark month each year.

Essentially, budgets are road maps. Whether for government, companies, non-profit organizations, or even families, budgets allow us to evaluate prior assumptions, projections and decisions – after “life happened”. Budgets are also opportunities to look ahead and make adjustments and decisions based on new information and priorities.

Embedded in the city’s budget are our hopes and aspirations for Burlington, balanced with fiscal pressures that originate from within our boundaries and beyond. This is especially true as the federal and provincial governments continue to make cuts and shift responsibilities to municipalities. Continue reading