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Recent Posts

Flood Report October 2014

I have been keeping you posted with latest news and update on the issues and fundraising efforts resulting from the August 4 Flood Disaster. The following is current information as we proceed with the flood assistance, and the city’s plans to resolving the infrastructure issues:

flood-relief-bannerBurlington Community Foundation – Flood Disaster Relief Committee

Almost $800,000 in cash has been raised by the committee to date. I have been in contact with both our local MPP Eleanor McMahon and Minister’s McMeekin’s office for the latest updates from the province on our ODRAP application which we hope will match funds raised. The Burlington Community Foundation has a 100-day campaign for fundraising efforts which will come to completion on November 4, 2014.

The money has been raised through the outstanding efforts of the Flood Disaster Relief Committee, local businesses, sports organizations, neighbourhood groups and individuals. The Burlington Community Foundation website has a page dedicated to how you can become involved in the fundraising efforts.

Losses and Damages Claims

The Burlington Community Foundation has approximately 40 completed applications for Losses and Damages have been received by the Flood Disaster Relief Committee. Application forms are available on the BCF website, or they can be mailed out to residents by calling the BCF office at 905-639-0744, ext. 223.

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for November 4, 2014 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Burlington Seniors Centre to answer questions about the claim application form and to assist residents with completing the application. Here is a link to their most recent update.

Cunningham Lindsay will be the adjuster for claims over $500.

Building Permits

The City has issued 328 building permits so far for disconnection of weeping tiles from sanitary laterals and the installation of sump pumps and/or back water valves; staff in our Capital Works department has been assisting with the site inspections and authorization of sump pump discharge locations to minimize future lot drainage issues.

Flood Reduction Study

The city received 941 storm water flooding calls. To date, staff have contacted 500 residents and visited 105 properties. An agency coordination meeting took place on October 21 with Conservation Halton and their consultant EWRG Limited, Halton Region and their consultant GM BluePlan Engineering along with City staff and our consultant AMEC.

AMEC has been focused on documenting the storm characteristics and flooding mechanisms and have identified areas of improvement and areas requiring further assessment. Conservation Halton has been mapping the extents of the riverine flooding in Tuck and Shoreacres Creeks on August 4 and their consultant is continuing to work on the assessment of the rainfall data and classification of storm. Halton Region’s consultant is continuing to work on their assessment of the sanitary sewer system and the sewer back-up flooding.

City staff, together with affected landowners, continue to develop restoration plans of impacted reaches of Tuck, Shoreacres and Roseland Creeks.

I would like to reiterate that this will be an ongoing complex process and will require the necessary time to ensure that we are making the best approaches to addressing the issues. Regular updates will be presented to committee and the public during each cycle and an annual review will be presented to the Development and Infrastructure Committee.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me through email, my social media outlets, or by phone at any time.

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