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Spring Cleaning with BurlingtonGreen


April 23, 2014

Burlington Clean UpBurlington Spring clean up

Spring clean up has begun and there is much activity taking place around Burlington with street sweeping, sod repairs, and litter clean up. Halton Region is continuing to pick up brush and debris from this winter’s ice storm through the end of May.

Coming this weekend is the BurlingtonGreen annual Clean Up Green Up. Please join in with your friends, family, school and neighbours to help break last year’s record of 13,500 participants.

Green Up

Burlington Clean Up

Planting trees at Beachway Park at last year’s Clean Up Green Up

In addition to the city wide clean ups taking place April 21 to April 26, BurlingtonGreen will also have 100 volunteers over at Beachway Park picking up litter along the shoreline and “Greening Up” by removing invasive non-native plants and planting native grasses, shrubs and trees in an effort to continue to work to restore the fragile ecosystem there.

New this year, a second Green Up event again at Beachway on May 31 to continue the work. Both of these Green Up projects are thanks to the Province of Ontario’s Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.

Join in and sign up for this year’s city-wide clean up.

Thank you to BurlingtonGreen for this annual initiative and encourage residents to join in.

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