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I look forward to engaging with you through this blog and other forums to generate discussion on issues, to share information, and to open a positive, constructive dialogue about the City of Burlington.

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I ask you to use ‘netiquette’ and respectful language so that we may have an open and respectful conversation about the questions and issues facing the City of Burlington

Recent Posts

Burlington Flood Update #6

flood-relief-bannerFinancial Assistance through the Flood Disaster Relief Committee

On September 3, the Burlington Community Foundation announced two types of financial assistance that will be provided for flood victims through the Flood Disaster Relief Committee with details available on their website.

The BCF Flood Disaster Relief Committee is organizing a community-driven 100-day flood relief fundraising campaign to help residents who have immediate needs as a result of the flood but whose needs are not covered by traditional resources with a goal of raising $2 million.

Donations can be made to the relief fund through the Burlington Community Foundation.

The amount of assistance available will depend very much on the money raised in the community and on the city’s application to the province for Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program funding. I am very hopeful that we will have an answer regarding that application sometime this fall and I continue to speak regularly with our MPP Eleanor McMahon and Minister McMeekin’s office on the progress of our application. Continue reading

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