2017 Capital Budget

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2017-capital-proposed-web-version_page_001The 2017 proposed capital budget was drafted to connect directly with Burlington’s Strategic Plan 2015-40.

Aligning the budget to the strategic plan provides accountability between what is achieved and the cost to you – the taxpayer.

The 2017 proposed capital budget is approximately $56 million, with a 10-year program of $667.8 million. The capital budget has a strong focus on infrastructure renewal projects reflective of the city’s commitment to the asset management plan and the strategic plan. This means we are focused on the city’s infrastructure and ensuring roads and buildings are in good condition and properly maintained.

The City of Burlington’s proposed 2017-2026 capital budget of $667.8 million is allocated into the following eight categories:

  • Roadways $305.7 million
  • Storm Water Management $ 55.8 million
  • Facilities & Buildings $ 112.1 million
  • Parks & Open Space $ 66.6 million
  • Parking $ 19.7 million
  • Fleet Vehicles & Equipment $ 70.4 million
  • Information Technology $ 26.2 million
  • Local Boards $ 11.3 million

Among the new proposed capital initiatives for 2017 are: Elgin Street Promenade construction, LED street light conversion program, traffic calming projects, an integrated transit / mobility / active transportation plan (developed in two parts – a Transit Mobility Plan and a City Cycling Master Plan Update), playground and natural feature additions to the parkette next to John William Boich Public School, and new vehicles and equipment for tree service enhancements.

Some of the other projects identified in the 10-year proposed capital budget that members of the public have been asking me about recently are: Skyway Arena Revitalization (2018 and 2020), Sherwood Community Centre facility renewal/enhancements (2017-2026) and Sherwood Forest Park enhancements (2017-2026).

The 2017 proposed capital budget went to the Community and Corporate Services Committee – Budget today (Dec. 8). It will be finalized by Burlington City Council on Monday, Dec. 19.

For more information on the 2017 capital budget, visit http://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/budget.asp.

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