Update on Inspire Burlington Leadership Workshop: Defining Our Dream

November 26, 2012

This past week, I met for three days with more than 35 community leaders to form a shared dream of Burlington, one that will inspire us, protect what is sacred and ensure a high quality of life into the future. This event took place as a result of the many conversations I have had over the past two years that led me to believe that we have a need and an opportunity to better define what we want Burlington to be, how we want others to see us, and how we want to see ourselves.

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The Great Divergence: Senator Art Eggleton Speaks at Inspire Burlington

November 21, 2012

This week we were fortunate to have Senator Eggleton speak to over 100 people at the Mayor’s Inspire Burlington event.  Senator Eggleton is a former Mayor of Toronto and Federal Cabinet Minister and is now in the Senate and is Chair of the sub-committee on poverty. The focus of the Senator’s comments was around the growing income disparity in Canada.

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Meaningful goals are not achieved without ambition and motivation

November 20, 2012

Earlier this fall I had the opportunity to recognize local athletes that participated in the Olympic Games at a City Council meeting. You cannot reach this level of performance and success without ambition. You must be motivated by a goal that will keep you focused and disciplined as you do all the hard work that is required to achieve it. Meaningful goals are not achieved without ambition and motivation.

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November 2012 Progress Report

November 14, 2012

One of the challenges residents have is sorting through the reports generated for Committee and Council to understand what the issues being addressed by Council are and the results of Committee and Council deliberation.

A pilot was started in October to report in a better way the activities of Council. This can be found in the Agenda and Minutes web page on the City Web site. This is an excellent way for residents to view the issues being addressed and the resulting decisions.

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Update on the Burlington Humane Society Request for Tax Exemption

November 13, 2012

I have received many calls and emails regarding the Humane Society’s request for tax exemption and its request for the City to waive the retroactive tax bill. Today, the City’s Budget and Corporate Services Committee (which includes all members of of City Council)  addressed the staff report recommending that the Humane Society not be exempt from property taxes.

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